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Ticehurst & Crouch families

My research for this post commenced with Hetty Ticehurst who married Isaac Crouch.  Their child Rhoda Crouch married James Benjamin Riches who in turn had a daughter Jessie Riches who married Frederick Wallis. Fred and Jessie had 2 daughters, Marjorie and Joan, and they are very keen to know more about their ancestors.

Samuel and Philadelphia Ticehurst - Parents of Esther (Hetty) Ticehurst

You would think the name Philadelphia Buss would be very uncommon, but according to Census records and personal family trees on Ancestry, there were two Philadelphia Buss living in Brightling, Sussex with parents Richard & Mary Buss and/or William & Mary Buss. Without birth & marriage certificates it then has to be an educated guess as to who were Philadelphia's parents.  I have chosen Richard & Mary. It is quite likely that the two Philadelphia Buss' are the same person. If anyone can give more light on the subject please advise.

Philadelphia Buss born 1782 and died 1860 in Brightling, Sussex married Samuel Ticehurst. They had 5 children:
Sarah Ticehurst born 1815 in Brightling, Sussex and died January 1892  in Battle, Sussex, England.
Esther (Hetty) Ticehurst born  about 1818 in Brightling and died 1906 in Southborough, Kent.
George Ticehurst baptised 8 October 1820 in Brightling. George married Cecelia born 1821 in Lambeth, Surrey and they had a son George born 1843 in Lambeth. In the 1881 Census Rhoda Crouch (24) was the Housekeeper for her uncle George (brother of Hetty), a Butcher in Dartford. 1891 Census George was residing with  James & Rhoda Riches & daughter Lily in Dartford, Kent.
Robert Ticehurst born 1823 in Brightling and died 1898 in Tonbridge, Kent.
Elizabeth Ticehurst born 1825 in Brightling and died January 1906 in Southborough, Kent. Elizabeth married Henry Relf  born 1826 in Brightling and died April 1889 in Rotherfield, Sussex, England. In the 1851 Census they were living with Philadelphia Ticehurst, a widow, on 20 acres at Brightling.

1841 Census Philadelphia Ticehurst was a Farmer (no Samuel), and 1851 Census Philadelphia was a widow (no Samuel) on 20 acres in Brightling. Birth and dates for Samuel Ticehurst are 1782 - 1861, so where was he in 1841 & 1851 census?  I need furthur confirmation on Samuel's dates as found on Ancestry, as they do not stackup!

William & Elizabeth Crouch - Parents of Isaac Crouch

Parents of Isaac Crouch were William and Elizabeth Crouch.  William was born 6 September 1789 at Warbleton, Sussex and died 4 February 1861 in Wadhurst, Sussex. Elizabeth was born 1794 in Mayfield, Sussex.  They had 6 children:
Orpha Crouch born 1812 in Wadhurst, Sussex, England.
Rhoda Crouch born 1813 in Rotherfield, Sussex. Rhoda married John Hervey Stevenson born 1810 in Mountfield, Sussex. They had 9 children: Thomas born 1834 in Sussex, William born 1836 in Sussex, Julia Naomi born 1838 in Pembury, Kent, Ephraim born 1840 in Pembury, John born 1842 in Pembury, Benjamin born 1844 in Wadhurst, Sussex, Stephen born 1836 in Rotherfield, Sussex, Josiah born 1848 in Rotherfield, Sarah born 1850 in Mayfield, Sussex.
Caleb Ebenezer Crouch born 24 November 1820 in Wadhurst and died 4 June 1872.
Isaac Crouch born 1825 in Wadhurst, Sussex and died 1869 in Tunbridge. Isaac married Hetty Ticehurst on 23 October 1848 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
Joseph Crouch born 1829 in Wadhurst and died 1895. Joseph married Susannah Grainge born 1831 in Stroud, Gloustershire and died 1895.

Isaac & Esther (Hetty) Crouch 

(It took me quite some time to realise that Hetty was short for Esther)

Isaac Crouch (1825 - 1869) and Esther (Hetty) Crouch (1818 - 1906) were married on 23 October 1848 in Ticehurst, Sussex. Isaac died the year their youngest child was born. They had 9 children:
Elizabeth Crouch born 1850 in Wadhurst, Sussex, England.
William Crouch born 1851 in Ticehurst and baptised 14 June 1860 in Southborough, Kent. William married Mary Jane ? born 1855 in Lamberhurst, Kent. They had 6 children: Percy W.Crouch born 1880, Maurice Crouch born 1882, Constance Kate Crouch born 1886, Ben Crouch born 1890, Ina Nora Crouch born 1893 and Leonard Crouch born 1895.  All children were born in Tonbridge, Kent.
Mercy Crouch born 1852 in Wadhurst, Sussex.
John Crouch born 1854 in Wadhurst and baptised 14 June 1863 in Southborough. John married  Jane Eldridge born 1853 in Losse, Kent.
They had 3 children: Edward Harald Crouch born 1882 Dalston, London who married Mary Ann Clark born 1882 and died December 1976 in Hounslow, Greater London, Sidney Crouch born 1883 in Dalston and Lottie J.Crouch born 1892 in Esher, Surrey. 
Leah Crouch born 1855 Brightling, Sussex.
Rhoda Crouch born 1857 in Wadhurst, Sussex and baptised 14 June 1863 in Southborough.
In the 1881 Census Rhoda (24) was a Housekeeper to her Uncle George Ticehurst (brother of Hetty), a Butcher in Dartford. Rhoda married James Benjamin Riches born 1854 in Pulham Market, Norfolk on 20 July 1884. Rhoda died 1917 and James died December 1937, both in Dartford, Kent.
Together they had 2 daughters: Lily Kathleen Riches born June 1886 and died 1891 in Dartford and Jessie Hannant Riches born 31 May 1889 in Dartford and died 10 January 1980 in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.
Ebenezer Crouch born 1859 in Tonbridge, Kent and baptised 14 June 1863 in Southborough, Kent.
Orphe Crouch born 1861 in Southborough, Kent.
Willie Crouch born 1869 in Southborough, Kent.

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