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James B.& H.Elizabeth (Batchelder) Riches

James Benjamin Riches was born 2 October 1854 at Pulham Market, Norfolk and baptised 13 November 1854 in Wesleyan Methodist Church New Buckenham, Guiltcross, Norfolk. James died December 1937 in Dartford, Kent. Hannah Elizabeth Batchelder was born 1852 in Norwich, Norfolk and died 1882 in Norwich, Norfolk at the age of 30 years.  
James Benjamin Riches married Hannah Elizabeth Batchelder on 25 December 1874 in St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich, Norfolk, England.
Together they had 3 children:
Hannah Elizabeth Riches was born 7 October 1875 in Depwade District, Norwich, Norfolk.
Laura Isabella Riches was born 7 July 1876 in St George-Tombland, Norwich and died 27 July 1876, aged 3 weeks, in St George -Tombland, Norwich, Norfolk, England.
James Thomas Benjamin Riches was born 3 May 1878 in St Mary in the Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk. He was buried 20 January 1879 in St George -Tombland, Norwich at 8 months old.

Marriage Certificate of James Benjamin Riches and Hannah Elizabeth Batchelder on 25 December 1874

St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich, where James Riches and Elizabeth Batchelder married on 25 December 1874

Note: Hannah Elizabeth Batchelder was known as Elizabeth Batchelder. Daughter Hannah Elizabeth Riches was more commonly known as Hannah Riches (she remained single).

1881 Census records James and Elizabeth Riches with their daughter Hannah Elizabeth Riches (5 years) living with Elizabeth 's parents Thomas Fowler & Hannah Batchelder. Thomas was a Confectioner & Fruiterer.  James was a Leventer Boot-maker.

1881 Census recording James & Elizabeth Riches with daughter Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Riches died 1882 in Norwich. She and James had lost 2 children as babies. This left James with 6 year old Hannah to bring up.
James took a second wife Rhoda Crouch in 1884. Rhoda was born 1857 to Isaac & Esther Crouch.  Rhoda died 1917 in Dartford, Kent.
James married a third time Ellen Fox in 1919. Ellen died 7 July 1924. Probate Note: Ellen Riches of 58 East Hill, Dartford, Kent, wife of James Benjamin Riches died 7 July 1924.  Administration & Wills London 15 October 1924 to the said James Benjamin Riches, Commercial Clerk.  Effects 201 Pounds 5 shillings 5 pence.

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