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John & Elizabeth (Hannant) Riches 

We have a continuous line of Riches from William Riches born 1710, who married in 1735 Ann Green, also born 1710.

William and Ann Riches had a son Samuel Riches born 1742 who married in 1764 Dinah Forster, born in 1743. They had 10 children: William Riches born 1766 and died April 1843 in Depwade, Norfolk. William married Elizabeth Tailor born 1768 and died 1856. Henry Riches born 1767 in Pulham St.Mary and died 1847 in Poroingham, Norfolk.  Elizabeth Riches born 1770 and died 1771 in Floridon Norfolk.  James born 1771 in Floddon. Jeremiah Riches born 1773 in Norfolk. Elizabeth Riches born 1775 and died 1856 in Norfolk.  Samuel born 19 October 1777 and died 1831 in Great Moulton. John Riches born 1780 in Pulham St.Mary the Virgin and died April 1868 in Henstead. George Riches born 1783 in Pulham St.Mary the Virgin and died 1835 in Norfolk.  Frances Riches born 18 July 1785 in Pulham St.Mary the Virgin, Norfolk.

William and Elizabeth Riches had 6 children: William Riches born 1795 Pulham St.Mary. James Riches born 1797 Pulham St.Mary. John Riches born 1802 Pulham St.Mary and died April 1875. George Riches born 1805 in Pulham St.Mary and died September 1876 in Hempnall, Norfolk.  Mary Ann Riches born 1808 in Pulham St.Mary. Maria Riches born 1814 in Pulham St.Mary.

John Riches born 1802 in Pulham St.Mary, Norfolk and died April 1875 in Depwade, Norfolk at 73 years. He married Isabella Dove on 19 October 1821 in St.Mary the Virgin, Pulham St.Mary, Norfolk. Isabella Dove was born 1802 in Wingfield, Suffolk and died July 1857 in Pulham St.Mary on 20 March 1861 in St.Mary Magdalene, Pulham Market, Norfolk. John Riches had 3 wives - Sarah Pond Betts and Martha Wingfield. John and Isabella Riches had a son John Riches born 1822 in Hempnall.

John Riches born 16 April 1822 in Hempnall, Norfolk, baptised 11 May 1822 at Wesleyan Methodist Church New Buckenham, Guiltcross, Norfolk, and baptised again 24 September 1837 at St.Mary the Virgin, Pulham. John was buried at St.Mary the Virgin on 15 January 1895 at 72 years. John married Elizabeth Hannant born 1827 in Dilham, Norfolk, on 9 December 1843 at Tunstead, Norfolk. Elizabeth was buried at St.Mary the Virgin on 9 July 1906. John and Elizabeth married November 1843 in St.Andrew, Bacton, Norfolk.
Together they had 7 children:
John Riches born 24 July 1844 in North Walsham, baptised 3 September 1844 at St.Mary the Virgin, died 11 September 1897 in Chorlton, Lancashire. John married Elizabeth Allison on 11 October 1863. Elizabeth was born March 1840 in Billington, Norfolk and died 27 December 1899 in Chorlton.
They had  5 children: Edith Allison Riches born June 1864 in Norwich and died December 1951 in Manchester. John Edward Riches born 18 April 1865 in Banham and died March 1945 in Heywood. Janet Elizabeth Riches born 26 April 1867 in Norwich and died 13 July 1952 in Uckfield, Sussex. William Louis Riches born January 1870 in Norwich. Harry James Riches was born March 1873 in Norwich.
William Solomon Riches born 3 April 1846 in St.Germans, Norfolk, baptised 3 September 1848 at St.Mary the Virgin, Pulham, Norfolk and died 3 July 1857 (drowned, buried with grandparents).
Ann Elizabeth Riches born 4 April 1848 in Pulham Market, baptised 3 September 1848 at St.Mary the Virgin, Norfolk and died 16 April 1857 (buried with her grandparents).
Isabella Riches born 14 April 1850 in Pulham, baptised 3 June 1850 at Wesleyan Methodist Church, New Buckenham, Guiltcross, Norfolk.
Mary Riches born 1853 in Pulham Market, Norfolk and married William Scott on 26 May 1872 in St.Peter Mancroft, Norwich. They had 6 children: Mary Scott born 1877, Elizabeth Ann Scott born 1879, Priscilla Scott born 1885, Benjamin R.Scott born 1887, Eber Walter Riches born 1892, Alice Scott born 1897, all born in Manchester.
James Benjamin Riches born 2 October 1854 in Pulham Market, baptised 13 November 1854 at Wesleyan Methodist Church, New Buckenham, Guiltcross, Norfolk and died December 1936 in Dartford, Kent. James married (1) Hannah Elizabeth Batchelder on 25 December 1874, (2) Rhoda Crouch on 20 July 1884, and (3) Ellen Fox on 5 April 1919.
Jane Riches born 1857 in North Walsham, Norfolk.

John (born 1822) & Elizabeth Riches (born 1827)

1851 Census - John and Elizabeth Riches and their 3 children - William 4 years, Anne 3 years, Isabella 1 year, along with Maryann Hannant 8 years, were living with Elizabeth's parents Solomon & Mary Hannant in Bacton Parish, Norfolk, England. Solomon was an Agriculture Labourer and John Riches a Glover. It seems Maryann Hannant born 18 June 1842 and baptised 14 August 1842 in Bacton was the daughter of a Charlotte Hannant.

I have traced 3 generations of Solomon Hannant & families -
Solomon Hannant born 29 October 1789 in Dilham, Norfolk & Mary Crosswell born 20 March 1789 North Walsham, Norfolk.
Solomon Hannant born 1751 in Dilham, Norfolk and died 1832. Solomon married Hannah Wittrick born 1752 and died 1846.
Solomon Hannant born 1724 in Dilham, Norfolk, England.

James Benjamin Riches' daughter Jessie Hannant Riches born 1889 and her daughter Marjorie Hannant Wallis born 1918 carry the Hannant name also.

1851 Census - John & Elizabeth & family living with Solomon & Mary Hannant in Bacton Parish, Norfolk

1861 Census - John & Elizabeth Riches were residing in St Andrew Parish with their 4 children - Isabella 10 years, Mary 8 years, Benjamin 6 years, and Jane 4 years. John was a Glover & Dresser.

1861 Census - John & Elizabeth Riches, living in St Andrew Parish, Norfolk with 4 children

1871 Census - John & Elizabeth Riches were residing in St. George - Tombland Parish with James Benjamin 16 years and Jane 14 years. John was a Glove Manufacturer. It was on 25 December 1874 that James B.Riches married Elizabeth Batchelder. The 1881 Census records Elizabeth's parents were living in St.George - Tombland, so James probably met Elizabeth while living in St.George - Tombland in 1871.
1871 Census with John & Elizabeth Riches living in St.George -Tombland Parish with 2 children.

1881 Census - John & Elizabeth Riches were residing in Pulham St.Mary Magdalen, Norfolk - alone.

1891 Census - John & Elizabeth Riches were residing at St.Mary Magdalen, Norfolk. Their 2 grand-daughters were residing with them - Hannah E. Riches 16 years, daughter of James B.& Elizabeth (dec) Riches and Elizabeth A. Scott 12 years, daughter of William & Mary Scott.

1891 Census - John & Elizabeth Riches with grand-daughters Hannah E. Riches and Elizabeth A.Scott.

1901 Census - Elizabeth Riches (73), a Domestic Housekeeper in the home of Frederick & Miriam Chambers.  Grand-daughter Hannah Riches (26) a School teacher and a visitor.

1901 Census - Elizabeth Riches a Domestic Housekeeper.  Hannah Riches a School Teacher & visitor.

1911 Census - William & Mary Scott residing in Manchester with son Eber Walter Scott, daughter Mary Rafferty with 2 children, daughter Elizabeth & James Nicholls with son Robert. Elizabeth is the grand-daughter who was living with her grandparents in 1891.

It was noted in the 1871 Census that Mary Riches (born 1853), when just 19, a School teacher, was living with her grand-parents Solomon & Mary Hannant.

1911 Census - William & Mary Scott.

Pulham St.Mary the Virgin where John & Elizabeth Riches were buried

Note: After publishing this blog I had emails from Simon Torrington and Raymond Riches who had already researched the Riches family. Thank you Simon and Raymond for your contributions which have helped to give us all a greater appreciation of our ancestors.

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